We combine
Unique venues, quality food & wine, peace-full moments, Dynamics Activities & Fun!

It's all about you! Our Mission is to make sure your guest and your self have a breathtaking stay!
GoFreeride specializing in professionals and corporate groups seeking a seamless offsite management team meeting experience.
Unique because we systematically choose to partnership with real authentic accommodation and receive quality, attention and access to the most dynamic and actual offsite experience.
Booking a meeting to discover together your own customized experience could be:

Destinations, Flavors, Emotions, Relaxation, Fun


  • The unique service and style, 
you will find on our organizations result from our own experiences in our summer and winter locations and from many years spent commuting for holidays from the cities of the world.
  • We are committed to making sure, 
that you will have a wonderful and trouble free experience from the moment you arrive from the flight until you leave again.
  • We are experienced, fun, relaxed people, 
who have travelled widely and know what it is like to work in the city and look forward to the care, attention, quality, service and comfort you would associate with a unique break.
  • You will have the chance to chill down, 
and enjoy our delicious food and our selection of fine wines having fun trying out all our Dynamic activities during your clients incentive, offsite management team meeting or seasonal team (sales/marketing/research) strategy meeting, holiday destinations.
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